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What is FastPlay?

FastPlay was created to give website editors and creators a venue to upload and share videos on their websites. FastPlay is a high-quality video hosting platform that allows you to host all your videos. When you upload your video FastPlay configures everything for you. FastPlay will give you the code you need to easily copy and paste into any website. FastPlay works for many video formats. FastPlay gives you great tools so you can customize and make sure your videos look amazing. We even support HD!

Share with the world

With the click of a button, you can share a video (or several videos) with anyone you want. FastPlay is the perfect solution for businesses and companies who want a simple yet affordable high-quality platform to host their video content.

Comparing our service to others:

  • We call our service FastPlay because we are truly faster than our competitors.
  • We placed our upload button right at the top of our website to make it easier for you.
  • Our website is designed to help you get you videos hosted quickly with the least amount of online steps.
  • We take speed serious here, therefore we tested our network - our average response time clocked a full 300% faster.
  • We only service our customer, therefore our network is never burdened with being popular with everyone. We service businesses and professionals who need to host their videos professionally.
  • We don't put our ads on your videos because its just not what we do.